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I really love how the Yerba Mate tea gives me energy!
Cory R.
Welcome!  To Improve your health &/or Lose weight check out the benefits of each of the teas!!!

Welcome! To Improve your health &/or Lose weight check out the benefits of each of the teas!!!

            You may be surprised at the MANY health benefits of organic teas! Is losing weight or maintaining a healthy weight something you are looking for? Or are you looking to re-claim your health? Check out all the benefits of the different teas to find the tea that is perfect for you! Cancer? Blood pressure? Diabetes? Or just wanting to relax with a flavorful cup of tea? If I don't have what you are looking for, e-mail me with what you are looking for! I am always looking to improve the site!

           After a busy stressful day of work, it is so nice to sit and relax with a calming cup of herbal tea! Many people enjoy the different fruit flavored herbal teas. Fruit flavored or not, Herbal tea is much more healthier for you than most of the typical drinks. The antioxidants in most of the natural organic teas are beneficial to your health. Many herbal teas have been natural remedies for hundreds of years. Some of the best remedies of the world have been organic natural herbal teas.


You might ask, “What can antioxidants do for me?” Antioxidants are scavengers looking for free radicals to fight against. The free radicals in our bodies are bad!!!  Free radicals damage, cause diseases and a whole host of all kinds of problems to your health like diabetes, heart disease,  cancers, macular degeneration, and many others. Antioxidants help to prevent and repair the damages and also enhance your immune system which lowers your risks of infections and cancers, lowers cholesterol, burns fat, prevents stroke, dementia, and diabetes; eases the pain of rheumatoid arthritis, promotes weight loss,  helps clear up allergies and acne, clears up infections, and helps to prevent wrinkles by slowing down the aging process. Organic teas are helpful in MANY of these areas! Some of them have more antioxidants than others! Check them out!


Antioxidants are found in many natural organic teas and therefore have been used as remedies for over hundreds of years. So, if you are looking for something to help you:

  • give energy
  • lose weight
  • burn fat
  • immune booster
  • lower cholesterol
  • improve your skin
  • improve your hair
  • reduce fever
  • calm you
  • and many others


  You can probably find what you are looking for in one or more of my teas. The antioxidants that are naturally occurring in the organic teas will help you feel like a new person! You will feel healthier and with more energy very shortly!


  I have searched out and found the best natural herbal teas and I offer them here to you but, of course the BEST tea is always up to the individual. Everyone has their own likes and dislikes. That is why I offer so many different flavors. The fruit flavored teas are very tasty, so I offer several varieties. You may prefer peach or apple or lemon, or maybe you prefer without the fruit flavors; like Earl Grey, Green, Yerba Mate, and Oolong teas. Lemon in your tea has benefits of its own: helps get rid of throat infections, constipation, dental problems, fever, internal bleeding, rheumatism, respiratory disorders, cholera and high blood pressure, helps with your indigestion, and helps you lose weight. ¡Buen provecho! Enjoy!

NOTEAll of the teas [Unless otherwise noted] come in 1/2 lb bags of loose tea. (i.e., China Magnolia Oolong comes in a 1/4 lb bag of loose tea.)

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